International Budget Partnership

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Civil society organisation


The International Budget Partnership (IBP) endorses the objectives of the Addis Tax Initiative (ATI) and has joined the ATI as a supporting organisation in October 2020 as part of its efforts to strengthen the role of civil society in promoting more equitable taxation in developing countries.

IBP works in collaboration with multiple actors to bring about a world in which empowered citizens participate in open, inclusive budgeting processes to shape policies and practices that promote equity and justice on a sustainable basis. IBP currently works on a Tax Equity Initiative which focuses on: (a) creating a better knowledge base to build the field of CSO tax work; (b) fostering tax transparency and participation; and (c) supporting CSO engagement with domestic tax reforms in developing countries through training, technical assistance, peer learning and more.

The Partnership published in 2020 a comprehensive literature review of the political economy of domestic tax reforms, and a companion piece offering “reflection points,” or questions and suggestions for civic actors to consider as they plan work around tax reform. This was followed by results of a global scan that mapped civil society engagement with domestic taxation issues.  This scan resulted in both a paper and an online dataset.

IBP currently co-coordinates Consultative Group 4, which is mandated with the implementation of the ATI Commitment 4 on enhancing the space and capacity for accountability stakeholders in partner countries to engage in tax and revenue matters. IBP’s participation will contribute to the mission of the ATI by bringing to bear its experiences from working with civil society groups, governments, and other actors in promoting reforms in budget policies and processes.


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