As a multi-stakeholder partnership, the Addis Tax Initiative (ATI) lives off the vast experiences and variety of perspectives its members bring to the table. Therefore, four ATI Consultative Groups have been initiated in November 2020 to support the fulfilment of the ATI commitments in line with the ATI Declaration 2025.

The overall objective of the ATI Consultative Groups is to promote peer learning, facilitate consultation and the exchange of experiences, and to organise and execute activities to foster the implementation of the commitments. Each ATI Consultative Group aims to:

  • Identify topics, processes and activities and implement concrete activities that foster the implementation of the respective ATI commitment (e.g. development of products, operationalisation of formats for the presentation of products and the sharing of experiences); 
  • Foster cooperation of ATI members beyond the scope of the respective group by strengthening the ATI’s role as a platform for members to network, share knowledge, engage in peer learning and exchange experiences;
  • Catalyse synergies between the four ATI commitments and the work of the individual groups in order to increase co-benefits and avoid duplications;
  • Raise awareness and advocate for the ATI commitments by broadening the reach of the groups’ activities and identifying channels and recipients outside the ATI network;
  • Utilise their unique position and identify ways to connect and add value to existing work and ongoing processes in the field of DRM and financing for development while making sure to avoid duplicate efforts.

All ATI members are invited to actively participate in one or multiple consultative group(s) by sending an email to secretariat@taxcompact.net.