ATI Consultative Group 2

Work plan 2021-2022

ATI Consultative Group 2 is responsible for the implementation of the ATI Commitment 2:

ATI development partners collectively commit to maintain or surpass the 2020 global target level (USD 441.1 million) of DRM cooperation for country-owned tax reforms.

ATI Consultative Group 2 will build upon the work undertaken by its predecessor group, which operated between 2018 and 2020.


Meetings Consultative Group 2


May 2021
What is the ATI Matchmaking Platform and how can ATI members use it? Learn more about it in this factsheet.


Nov 2020
Here you can find the minutes for the first ATI Consultative Group 2 meeting that took place on 19 November 2020.


Aug 2019
The ATI Consultative Group 1 met on 1 July 2019 in Berlin, back-to-back to the ATI/ITC Tax and Development Conference 2019.
Jul 2019
This study explores the need for donor coordination in the field of international support for domestic revenue mobilisation.


Jun 2018
A meeting of the ATI Consultative Group 1 took place on 1 June 2018 in Stockholm, hosted by the Swedish Ministry of Finance.