Frequently Asked Questions

What you always wanted to know about the ATI Matchmaking Platform

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the ATI Matchmaking Platform?

The ATI Matchmaking Platform is an online space exclusively for ATI members, that has been developed to support domestic revenue mobilisation (DRM) collaboration. It provides member countries and supporting organisations with the opportunity to contact each other based on their needs for support and availability of relevant expertise.

Who can use the ATI Matchmaking Platform and why should I join?

All ATI members are encouraged to join the ATI Matchmaking Platform. The ATI Matchmaking Platform allows ATI members to combine needs for technical assistance in DRM with available expertise. Requested support and available expertise can take various forms, such as technical assistance, expert support, study visits, training and financial assistance. In doing so, the platform can contribute to accelerate the fulfilment of the ATI commitments.

ATI partner countries can post requests for DRM support, whereby development partners can inform others about available expertise related to DRM. Supporting organisations are able to post both requests for support and announcments of available expertise.

How to join the ATI Matchmaking Platform?

If you are interested in registering for the ATI Matchmaking Platform, please send an informal email to the Secretariat of the ATI ( asking for the creation of an account. The Secretariat of the ATI will then create a profile for you and will contact you with instructions regarding next steps. 

As an ATI member, do I need to have a profile on the ATI Matchmaking Platform?

No. The Secretariat of the ATI provides ATI Matchmaking profiles for all ATI members – however, it is up to the member to access the platform, complete the registration procedure and ultimately use the ATI Matchmaking Platform. If you or your organisation do not want to continue its account on the platform, you can delete it at any time or ask the Secretariat of the ATI to do so for you. Nevertheless, we kindly remind you that - based on the ATI Declaration 2025, the ATI Commitments and the ATI’s roles as defined by the Steering Committee - the ATI Matchmaking Platform is an important tool for members to contribute to peer-learning and capacity development towards increasing domestic revenue mobilisation (DRM). Therefore, ATI members are highly encouraged to use the ATI Matchmaking Platform.

I have been assigned a new position and my e-mail address is being deactivated. How can my successor use the Matchmaking Platform?

If you are no longer using your ATI Matchmaking account, please contact the Secretariat of the ATI and provide us the name of your successor that will continue to use the platform in the name of your organisation. If an ATI member wants to deactivate their account entirely, please also contact the Secretariat of the ATI.

How to use the ATI Matchmaking Platform?
Finding matchmaking entries and interacting with other ATI members
Where can I find an overview of available expertise or requests for support?

An overview of all the available expertise and requests for support presented by ATI members can be found on the ATI Matchmaking Platform after you log in to your profile.

Where can I find available expertise or requests for support by a specific member?   

On the ATI Website, you can visit the ATI member’s profiles by clicking on “Profiles” in the upper part of the webpage. The DRM Profiles contain information on domestic revenue mobilisation within the respective country and include an overview of efforts made towards the achievement of the ATI Commitments. In each profile, you will find a section containing information about the matchmaking activities of the respective country. If the country has presented a “Request for support” or an announcement of “Available expertise”, this information will be available there.

If I use the messaging function on the ATI Matchmaking Platform to contact other members, will this information be available to the general public? Will my message be visible to other participants?

No. Only the ATI member to whom the message was addressed can view it by accessing their own personal profile. Neither ATI members nor the staff of the Secretariat of the ATI have access to your messages. The messaging function on the ATI Matchmaking Platform will remain private at all times.

 Responding to matchmaking proposals
Is my offer of “Available expertise” or “Request for assistance” binding?  Can I edit or withdraw it?

The offers or requests presented on the platform are in no way binding. The ATI member responsible for it can edit or withdraw it at any time. The proposals posted on the ATI Matchmaking Platform are only intended to provide initial information to enable peer-learning and capacity development, combining country’s needs with existing expertise within the ATI network. Subsequent negotiations must be carried out bilaterally between the respective parties.

Will I always receive a response on my offer of “Available expertise” or “Request for assistance”?

The ATI cannot guarantee that your submitted request for assistance or announcement of available expertise will receive a response.

How long does it take to receive a response on my offer of “Available expertise” or “Request for assistance”?

Ultimately, it is optional for ATI members to respond to entries on the Matchmaking Platform. Once posted, your announcement of “Available expertise” or “Request for assistance” is immediately visible on the platforms. Therefore, other ATI members can respond to your entry right away. ​​​​​

How long will my proposal remain accessible on the ATI Matchmaking Platform? How long can ATI members respond to my proposal?

The proposal submitted will remain available on the ATI Matchmaking Platform until the respective member decides to withdraw it. In general, all proposals that are not being withdrawn will be available for ATI members until 2025 - the deadline for reaching the commitments made in the new ATI Declaration 2025.

How can I know if a proposal is still available? Will my proposal be automatically deleted once it is accepted by another ATI member?

If the proposal of available expertise or request for assistance is still visible on the ATI Matchmaking Platform, it can be assumed that it is still available. It is up to the interested parties to contact the applicants and continue negotiations bilaterally. The Secretariat of the ATI is not responsible for any proposal submitted and kindly requests that ATI members keep the information submitted on the ATI Matchmaking platform up to date. Therefore, if the applicant has already accepted an offer to his available expertise or received a response to his request for assistance and has no interested in receiving additional responses, they are kindly asked to delete it from the platform.

Is it possible for more than one country to respond to a request for assistance or offer of available expertise?

Yes, more than one ATI member may respond to a submitted proposal. Future implementation will depend entirely on bi- or multilateral negotiations to be held between interested members.

How should I proceed after a successful “match”? How do I accept an announcement of available expertise or a request for support?

As the negotiations to implement the available expertise/request for support must be conducted and finalised bilaterally by the interested parties, it is up to the ATI members to decide on the necessary arrangements and procedures for implementation of the proposal. The ATI secretariat would appreciate it if the members could inform us of the possible outcome of a connection through the ATI Matchmaking for it to be considered in the monitoring and evaluation of the achievement of ATI’s Commitments.​​​​

Technical questions and other support

Who do I contact in case I am experiencing technical difficulties or need some other kind of support?

If you have technical difficulties, please refer to the ATI Matchmaking User Guide available at the ATI Website. If you do not find your answer there, kindly contact

I think the ATI Matchmaking Platform is a useful tool, but it has room for improvement. How can I give feedback on the usability of the platform?

Should you have any problems, remarks, questions or suggestions for improvement of the ATI Matchmaking Platform, do not hesitate to contact the Secretariat of the ATI at