About the DRM Database

The DRM Database provides an overview of technical and financial assistance projects carried out by development partners of the Addis Tax Initiative (ATI) to support domestic revenue mobilisation (DRM) efforts of partner countries worldwide. It serves as basis for a continuous coordination as well as improved effectiveness and efficiency of development cooperation in this area.

The DRM Database consists of OECD Development Assistance Committee (DAC) data adjusted for the purpose of the ATI monitoring exercise for ATI Commitment 2, which is built on the OECD DAC Data, CRS purpose code 15114. The database presents the funding amounts in US dollar. Original funding amounts distributed in a currency other than the US dollar are converted, in most cases, using the exchange rate of the data entry date.

The DRM Database aims to improve data collection, transparency, disaggregation and accessibility in the area of tax and development. High-quality data and its availability are essential to help ATI members foster evidence-based policy making. By harmonising databases on official development assistance (ODA) to DRM, it contributes to ameliorating the effectiveness and efficiency of development cooperation.

The International Tax Compact (ITC) manages the DRM Database. In conjunction with project-specific information, users can examine each country in terms of the total commitment, total disbursement, and the number of projects by using the DRM Project Map. If you have questions, remarks or feedback, please contact the ITC via secretariat@taxcompact.net