ATI / OECD FTA Webinar: Digital Transformation Maturity Model


The OECD's Forum of Tax Administration (OECD FTA) recently launched the Digital Transformation Maturity Model, a self-assessment tool that allows tax administrations to evaluate their level of digital maturity. Based on six main themes or building blocks, the model assigns tax administrations to one of the five maturity levels. The Maturity Model does not convey any judgement regarding the “optimal” level of digitalisation, and it should be rather seen as innovative tool that guides tax administrations along their strategic planning process, depending on each organisation’s unique circumstances and priorities.

The aim of the webinar is to present the Maturity Model as well as the benefits and efforts for tax administrations conducting this model. In addition, the practical insights derived from the Armenian experience will delve into the challenges and lessons learnt of one of over 40 pilot countries participating in the study.

The idea is thus to encourage tax administrations, particularly from partner countries, to implement this model in order to understand their current level of digital maturity, inform possible future reforms, and compare their own maturity to that of their peer organisations. As a next step, the FTA is disposed to support this process through the facilitation of peer-to-peer contact, and a subsequent follow-up session for further guidance to countries engaged to conduct this model.

Please find more information as well as the detailed programme of this webinar in the flyer (see above).


The ATI/OECD FTA webinar will take place via the video conferencing tool “Microsoft Teams”, whereby the ATI Secretariat will create the respective link to enter the virtual room. Participation is by invitation only and requires online registration. The input provided by the OECD FTA will be recorded for internal purposes. If you are interested in participating but have not yet received an invitation, please contact