Policy design for effective property taxation in lower-income countries.


The second two-day session of the ATI & LoGRI Workshop Series on Policy Design for Effective Property Taxation will take place on 19th and 20th July 2023:

Day 1: Effective Information Technology (IT) Systems for Property Tax Administration.

Day 2: Building Taxpayer’s Trust, Compliance, and Public Support for Reform.

While property taxation constitues a major revenue source for subnational governments, it remains one of the most underperforming in lower-income countries. This is but one example of how, in many countries, subnational governments' revenue-raising efforts are frequently ineffective, inequitable, and unaccountable  particularly when it comes to property taxation. Ensuing results threaten countries' ability to meet urgent spending needs and priorities.

Against this backdrop, the ATI Consultative Group 1 and the Local Government Revenue Initiative (LoGRI) launched the ATI & LoGRI Workshop Series on Policy Design for Effective Property TaxationThis event series seeks to advance the discussions held during the ATI, DeLoG and NORAD webinar series on subnational domestic revenue mobilisation (DRM) for sustainable development by providing a space for exchange and hands-on advice on the design of property taxation policies

The first two workshops focussed on (i) discussing strategies for cost-effective property valuation systems; and (ii) re-thinking property identification and registration for taxation purposes. The upcoming two-day session in July will conclude this workshop series. Once again, national and subnational policy decision-makers, representatives of governments, tax administrations, and relevant stakeholders from ATI partner countries will come together with LoGRI representatives and other experts who will provide technical, administrative, and policy advice on core areas related to effective revenue generation through property taxation.

Please find further information on the workshop series here.