ATI Consultative Groups


The ATI Consultative Groups were constituted on the 13th February 2018 in New York City. Their main aim is to organise and execute activities to support the fulfilment of the three ATI commitments. The three groups have the following responsibilities: 

  • ATI Consultative Group 1 is responsible for the implementation of the ATI Commitment 1, which refers to collectively doubling technical cooperation in the area of domestic revenue mobilisation and taxation by 2020.
  • ATI Consultative Group 2 is responsible for the implementation of the ATI Commitment 2, which refers to stepping up the mobilisation of domestic resources in order to create the financial means to implement development programmes, attain the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and achieve inclusive development.
  • ATI Consultative Group 3 is responsible for the implementation of the ATI Commitment 3, which refers to promoting and ensure policy coherence for development.
  • The ATI Consultative Groups are responsible for producing and executing their annual work plan and the terms and modalities of the groups’ collaboration (e.g. physically/virtually, frequency of meetings, channels of communication, possible responsibilities). Each group accounts for one group coordinator, who is tasked with facilitating the group.

All ATI members are invited to actively participate in one or multiple consultative group(s) by sending an email to


ATI Meeting Paris

Paris, France / 27-28 November 2018

The members of the Addis Tax Initiative (ATI) met from 27-28 November 2018 in Paris. The meeting consisted of a plenary meeting and meetings of the three ATI Consultative Groups. 54 delegates from the ATI members participated in the meeting. They provided an update on the work of the Addis Tax Initiative and the ATI Consultative Groups, presented reports on approaches adopted by ATI members for implementing the ATI commitments, shared the reform journeys of the ATI partner countries, and worked on a potential roadmap for the Addis Tax Initiative beyond 2020. 
ATI Paris Meeting Report

Meeting of ATI Consultative Groups

Stockholm, Sweden / 01 June 2018

A meeting of the ATI Consultative Groups took place on 01 June 2018 in Stockholm, hosted by the Swedish Ministry of Finance. The aim of the meeting was to work on concrete deliverables to support the fulfilment of the ATI commitments. 
Meeting outcomes summary ATI Consultative Groups 1 - 3