ATI Study on Donor Coordination in Domestic Revenue Mobilisation

This study explores the need for donor coordination in the field of international support for domestic revenue mobilisation.
July 2019

The ATI Study on Donor Coordination in Domestic Revenue Mobilisation was commissioned by the International Tax Compact (ITC), with funding from the German Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) and the European Commission. The report considers ownership, alignment and harmonisation issues at the international and country levels, as well as how to measure results at the country level. Based on various identified international and country level coordination problems, potential solutions are recommended.

The study is desk-based, drawing on publicly available literature and data, supported by telephone interviews. It involved telephone interviews with a selection of ATI members and partners, and light-touch country case studies of Afghanistan, Ghana and Uganda – selected from among the top recipients of DRM financing in 2016 and as presenting a range of coordination challenges.