OECD Tax and Development Program for AEOI and BEPS

The OECD's Tax and Development Program supports the work of the Global Forum on Transparency and Exchange of Information for Tax Purposes and the OECD's work on reducing the risk of Base Erosion and Profit Shifting (BEPS). The funding will allow the Global Forum to support countries in the Indo-Pacific region that have committed to exchange financial information as part of the Automatic Exchange of Information (AEOI) process to develop and implement the required legislative, and systematic changes to ensure the exchange can take place successfully. The funding will also support the Global Forum's efforts to raise awareness of the benefits of AEOI with countries that have not joined the Global Forum or committed to exchange. The funding for the BEPS project will allow the OECD to raise awareness of BEPS risks in both the Asia and Pacific, undertake several in-depth risk assessments and provide technical assistance to two countries to reduce their risk of BEPS. The total value of this investment is $0.6 million over 3 years, starting 2015-16.
USD 28001.19
USD 28001.20
Project Start Date
May 1, 2016
Project End Date
December 31, 2018
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