Partnerships for Development . Business Enabling Environment

PFD project has assisted in the following DRM areas: improvement of tax administration IT data integrity and database controls to preserve data quality; promotion of streamlined VAT reimbursement process; support to increased publication of tax payer information and increased use of e.form and on.line filing ; expanded use of available information for risk.based audit determination in place of universal inspection; promoting property tax compliance .. such as legalization of unpermitted construction, which will increase property tax base – to improve compliance and overall increase property tax revenues for municipalities; assistance to differentiate between cost.recovery regulatory fee setting and taxation to put regulatory / service fees on a cost/value basis; improved Medium Term Expenditure Framework (MTEF) by separating property tax and fee.based own source revenueSupport efficient revenue management by developing a revenue forecasting model and building capacity of MOF and ISTD staff to inform government revenue projections and monitor collections against expectations.
USD 218700.00
USD 550800.00
Project Start Date
January 31, 2014
Project End Date
September 29, 2018
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