Governance and Economic Management Support (GEMS) . Justice System

The Liberia Governance and Economic Management Support Program (GEMS) is a five year, $45 million program to strengthen public sector capacity in Liberia. GEMS is a follow on to the highly successful Governance and Economic Management Assistance Program (GEMAP) in Liberia that IBI implemented for USAID between 2006 and 2010, a program featured in World Development Report 2011 as an example of successful post.conflict recovery. GEMS will build on the systematic and institutional advances achieved in fiscal and financial management under GEMAP by working with Government of Liberia institutions to build human and institutional capacity in financial, organizational, and performance management. Specifically, the program will work with key ministries, agencies, and state.owned enterprises of Liberia to build management capacity, implement a comprehensive civil servant training initiative, strengthen the governments capacity to manage natural resource concessions, facilitate the implementation of the governments national ICT policy, and enable the Central Bank of Liberia to operate a modern national payment system.
USD 94310.00
USD 14390.00
Project Start Date
July 1, 2011
Project End Date
June 30, 2016
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