ADB: Strenghtening Tax Revenue Administration at Central and Local Levels in Indonesia

Technical Assistance provided by the Asian Development Bank to support Indonesia in building three local Centers of Excellence in the field of tax revenue administration and to increase capacities at central level to better cope with tax decentralisation challenges. With improved autonomy . a key result of the decentralization agenda . local governments are expected to be increasingly accountable on managing and raising their own revenue. Increased responsibility of the local governments to properly manage their own funds goes hands in hands with the expectation to make such spending more efficient. Such a goal should be reachable over time as subnational entities are getting, thanks to decentralization, better informed, more responsive, and more accountable to their citizen's needs and preferences. This intervention . seen as a 1st phase of a longer endeavour . will contribute in achieving this goal.
USD 4676300.00
USD 1870520.00
Project Start Date
April 1, 2015
Project End Date
March 28, 2018
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