Swe Tax Agency - Kenya Revenue Auth

The contribution is an institutional collaboration between the Swedish Tax Agency (STA) and Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA). The objective is to increase tax collection and broaden the tax base by supporting KRA in improving the analysis of risks related to tax compliance as well as increase and improve KRA's customer focus. The institutional collaboration is divided in three components: 1) Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence System (DWBI); 2) Risk management; 3) Change management. DWBI is a data management system to gather information from many separate data systems within and outside of KRA. DWBI will give KRA a single view of each of the tax payers and hence also improve the basis for risk analysis so that risk groups and risk areas for tax compliance can be identified and KRA's tax audits and other interventions can focus on these strategic areas and groups. Sida will also suppor the procurement of the DWBi system directly with 35 MSEK. This support is directly related to the institutional collaboration but will be decided and agreed separately. In parallell with the development of the DWBI STA will support KRA in developing their approach to risk management, component two. The third component, change management, aims partly to improve KRA's internal efficiency by improving the staffs' compliance with KRA mission, vision, values and principles, and partly to increase and improve KRA's customer focus. The institutional collaboration includes one long-term expert (LTE) from STA that will work in Kenya full time, and several short-term experts (STEs) that will come for 1-3 weeks misssions within the different areas. Some external consultants will be engaged in the program. The institutional collaboration covers the period from July 2014 to December 2019.
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