Transparency International Secretariat (TI.S)

Transparency International (TI) is the leading international NGO working against corruption and has succeeded in placing and maintaining corruption on the international agenda during the last ten years. Finland has supported the implementation of the Movement?s Strategy 2015 for the last 4 years. It?s 5 main elements are:1.To empower people and partners around the world to take action against corruption 2.To contribute to effective implementation of anti.corruption programmes in leading institutions businesses and the international financial system3.To contribute to more effective enforcement of laws and standards around the world and to eradicate impunity for corrupt acts4.To contribute to instilling a higher level of integrity in both organizations and people especially youth and those in leadership positions around the world5.To strengthen the movements ability to work together and its responsiveness presence performance and impact at all levels.One of the biggest strengths of TI is its research and advocacy capacity as well as the contacts the organization has to influence political and private sector decision.makers. The international movement of Transparency International now consists of more than 100 National Chapters and National Contacts and a range of Individual Members. TI National Chapters are locally established and fully independent national NGOs that are strongly rooted in their own country and set their own priorities and strategies according to national context and needs while also contributing to the overall TI vision mission and strategy 2015. Together with the international Secretariat based in Berlin and Individual Members they form the global network that is the TI Movement.In 2015 Finland Supports TI through core funding to ensure the completion of its current strategy which runs to the end of 2015. Finland has until to date financed the 2015 Strategy with 3 250 000 euros. As regards resultsTI has continued providing tools to fight corruption in the development sector private sector as well as the public sector. Ti as also increased its engagement for the protection of victims and witnesses of corruption. At the end of 2014 61 national chapters had the capacity to process complaints on corruption. The organization has continued issuing its famous comparative as well as country specific reports and organizing trainings and campaigns for awareness raising.
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USD 887410.00
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June 30, 2014
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December 31, 2015
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