Transparency International Kenya . Supporting citizens? demand for Integrity and Accountability at the Sub.National level ; Phase II

The thrust of the project was to increase transparency and accountability of public officers to citizens. The project sort to; build the capacity of citizens to identify and fight corruption demand accountability from public institutions and officers; develop capacity of citizens to participate in legislative drafting and implementation of the constitution and to promote effective and accountable tax governance. The project target the larger Western and Nyanza provincesDespite the enactment of the new constitution government accountability to citizens remains a major challenge. Issues of capacity gaps especially among county assembly members and realization of effective public participation are the key concerns by county leaders. Whereas devolved system of governance lays a good foundation to deal with governance challenges the pitfalls witnessed so far in implementation points to desirable outcomes. Since March 2013 to date the county structures have been setting up their structures for service delivery. In the five counties TI.Kenya have interacted with there are no clear mechanisms of public participation and this has left a leeway for County governments to adopt their own strategies of engaging public some of which have not been effective. Reports by the auditor general confirm the fears that the devolved system of governance is bound to increase the complexities of corruption. Key gaps TI witnessed after interaction with five (5) counties in Western Kenya region include;?Lack of meaningful public participation ? lack of adequate mobilization and structured way of engagement and lack of understanding of the issues?Lack of capacity among county assembly members . in understanding and execution of budget processes?Lack of accountability tools and mechanisms ? counties have not established the County Public Service board ?Access to information?Participatory performance monitoring. community participation in monitoring of local projectsObjectives of the project: ?To build the capacity of citizens to identify and fight corruption and demand accountability from public institutions and officers?Develop capacity of citizens to meaningfully participate in legislative drafting and implementation?Promote effective and accountable tax governance
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June 18, 2014
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December 31, 2015
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