WB Multi-Partner Fund Somalia 2018-2021

This intervention builds on current ongoing Sida support to the World Bank Multi-Partner Fund for Somalia (2014-2018), decision number 2014-003041. The current Sida support to the WB-MPF focus on four areas:1. Enabling economic growth2. Effective and accountable government3. Urban infrastructure4. Analytical and technical assistance.In September 2018, the World Bank Board of Directors approved a new four-year strategy for Somalia 2019-2022. This strategy is the first World Bank strategy for Somalia in 30 years and signals a renewed confidence and trust by the World Bank in Somalia's road map to development. This Country Partnership Framework (CPF) is currently funded by 10 donors through the the Multi-Partner Fund modality for delivery. Sweden is the fourth biggest contributor to the fund. The MPF modality is per definition a pooled fund mechanism with is the preferred mechanism of financing in conflict and post-conflict contexts. The MPF is one of three pooled funding mechanisms in Somalia established as part of the Somalia Development and Reconstruction Facility. The MPF is administered by the World Bank and operates in close cooperation with the federal government of Somalia and the contributing donors. WB-MPF are well aligned with government priorities, as articulated in the National Development Plan (2017-2019) and together cover all eight pillars of the NDP. Hence, national ownership and alignment to principles of development effectiveness is adhered to. As Administrator of the Trust Fund, the World Bank is responsible for ensuring that the MPF and its funds are used in accordance with the administrative agreements and that recipients use MPF funds in accordance with the grant agreements.The MPF has a specific focus support to core state functions, socioeconomic recovery and sustainable development compared with the UN Fund being more broad in scope and the AfDB focusing on rehabilitation and development of infrastructure. Sida has provided support to UN-MPTF since 2015 (decision number 2015-002435 and 2018-001376). The AFDB-SIF is currently the only funding window which Sida does not contribute. The AFDB-SIF has only started in 2017.The overall aim of the CPF 2019-2022 is to lay foundations for the longer-term poverty reduction and inclusive growth by focusing on priority areas and constraints creating the current Somalia dual development trap created by low level of trusts and exacerbated by widespread vulnerability of repeated shocks. The strategy has two focus areas (1) Strengthening Institutions to Deliver Services and (2) Restoring Economic Resilience and Opportunities. The first focus area will strengthen ongoing governance programs with a new focus on fiscal space and improving access to - and quality of - key social services and resilience. Programs will specifically target public finance management reforms, domestic revenue mobilization and resource sharing, basic delivery systems for social services; and urban resilience. The s
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