Tax Reform II Moldova

International development aid will not be enough to reach the Sustainable Development Goals of the 2030 agenda. To reach the goals, low- and middle-income countries will need to increase their domestic resource mobilisation. An import step in this direction is to increase the efficiency of the tax revenue collection. An efficient, transparent and fair tax administration is key in the process towards eradicating poverty and building well-functioning sustainable societies. The project is a peer-to-peer collaboration between the Swedish Tax Agency (STA) and the Moldova State Tax Service (STS). The project is expected to contribute to a fairer and more equal system for taxation, where all citizens, regardless of status, ethnicity or income are treated fairly. A special focus of the project is to continue supporting STS' reform process from 'tax police' to public service provider. The project objective is Increased Tax revenue, Increased efficiency of STS, Enhanced equity, fairness, integrity and professionalism in treatment of tax payers, well trained and knowledgeable staff. The project has three components: 1. Human Resources Management - Strengthened human resources improving effectiveness and efficiency; 2. International Exchange of Information - Compliance with international standards; and 3. Tax Enforcement - The tax arrears management is streamlined and improved.The project is a continuation of a previous successful peer-to-peer collaboration between STA and STS (2013 – 2016).
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