Managing Natural Resource Wealth (MNRW) Phase 2

Managing Natural Resource Wealth (MNRW) Phase 2 is a multi-partner trust fund, established in 2011 by the International Monetary Fund (IMF), to help low and lower-middle income countries to derive maximum benefit from their oil, gas and mineral resources. MNRW Trust Fund assists countries to get a fair share of their natural resource wealth, and invest and spend it wisely. Technical assistance is provided, at the request of country governments, under the following five modules: (1) fiscal regimes, licensing and contracting; (2) revenue administration; (3) macro-fiscal, public financial management and expenditure policy; (4) exchange rate regimes and macro prudential policies; and (5) statistics for managing natural resources. The Trust Fund also supports leading international research, analytical work and training activities. The total value of this investment is $3.8 million over 6 years, starting 2016-17.
USD 261447.67
USD 261447.67
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