Strengthening Domestic Revenue Mobilization, Budgeting and Financial Accountability, Government Debt and Infrastructure Finance, and Banking and Financial Services

This mechanism allows USAID operating units to obtain technical assistance from the U.S. Treasury to improve domestic revenue collection, budgeting and financial accountability, government debt management and infrastructure finance, and banking and financial services in partner countries. Helping partner countries to generate their own resources for development and spend them efficiently reduces poverty, unemployment, and economic instability. This improves trust in the country's government and, coupled with U.S. Treasury's ability to respond to debt, budgetary, and financial crises, addresses the conditions that give rise to extremism. The accountable and streamlined management of domestic resources also minimizes opportunities for corruption; levels the playing field for U.S. businesses abroad; and helps ensure that foreign aid is spent as intended. Improvement in economic conditions also generates demand for U.S. exports in the many sectors where the U.S. has comparative advantage.
USD 54000.00
USD 54000.00
Project Start Date
January 31, 2017
Project End Date
January 30, 2022
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