International Monetary Fund, Revenue Mobilization Trust Fund

The Revenue Mobilization Trust Fund (RMTF) was established by the IMF to strengthen domestic revenue performance in developing countries. The Program, with an envelope of USD 60 million over a period of six years, is designed around six modules potentially constituting a multi-year revenue reform program. Achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) requires substantial public investments. Next to official development assistance (ODA), domestic resource mobilization in developing countries is critical for reaching the needed level of investment. An increase in domestically generated resources allows countries flexibility in formulating and implementing policies that address their economic and developmental challenges. However, many low and lower middle income countries have chronically low tax revenues due to poor policies and weak administration capacity.
USD 1015537.73
Project Start Date
September 1, 2016
Project End Date
December 31, 2022
Project Number
Project crsid