HAUS . ZPPA Twinning II

Capacity Building of the Zambia Public Procurement Authority (ZPPA) through Institutional Twinning Partnership with HAUS Finnish Institute of Public Management is a 2nd phase twinning partnership project planned for 25 years. Zambian Government provides management logistics office venues transport and related costs. Finnish funding is 1.3 MEUR. The intervention contributes to strengthening good governance and accountability and decreases corruption. ZPPA?s transition from a centralized procurement agency to an independent regulatory body with responsibility for policy regulation standard setting compliance and performance monitoring professional development and information management and dissemination require support.The overall objective of the project is: ZPPA's transition to a regulatory body for Public Procurement in Zambia completed. For ZPPA to fully implement its new mandate leading to improved efficiency transparency and accountability in public procurement in Zambia its institutional capacity requires strengthening.The Project has four outcomes:1.Improved Leadership and Management Development & Performance Management2.Improved Human Resource Management and Development3.Improved management capacity in ZPPA to implement E.GP and in selected stakeholders for increased transparency and accountability in public procurement. 4.Improved Internal and External CommunicationThere are three key beneficiary groups: 1) ZPPA as an institution 2) ZPPA staff members as individuals 3) ZPPA stakeholders particularly procuring entities (PEs). On a larger scale a well.functioning procurement system supports the development of a normal market economy contributes to fair treatment and enabling business climate and also helps national authorities to generate tax income for the country. The first phase 2013.14 showed results in enhancing training capacity management/leadership change management by several training modules each. PPA has the ownership. Key elements of the ZPPA.HAUS twinning partnership modality include ZPPA Project Director HAUS Chief Partnership Advisor (26 months) short.term experts and trainers (18 m s) workshops study tours tuition fees and attachments. PhaseII supports the implementation of the ZPPA mission vision and strategy. Planning for Phase II was done by ZPPA and HAUS. Project management is results.based with indicators of achievement for planning monitoring and reporting.
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USD 681205.05
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November 6, 2015
Project End Date
December 31, 2018
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