The Partnerships for Development (PFD) project supports reforms for improving the business environment in Kosovo and increasing employment opportunities. PFD's DRM activities included: • Increased legal and operational transparency, to improve public and taxpayers trust on Government and specifically on tax administration authorities and encourage voluntary tax compliance; • Promoting the focus on property tax compliance, including legalization of unpermitted construction, to enhance own-source revenue for municipalities; • Streamlining of VAT reimbursement that contributed to an increased amount of VAT reimbursement to taxpayers; • Improvement of tax administration IT data integrity and database controls to preserve data quality; • Promotion of cost-recovery regulatory fee setting and taxation to put regulatory / service fees on a cost/value basis; • Increased the use of electronic services (e-filing and other services) to reduce direct contacts with taxpayers, thus reduce the potential opportunities for corruption.
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USD 174510.00
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January 31, 2014
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September 29, 2018
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