The FPEMP project is helping the Government of El Salvador (GOES) increase tax revenue, without raising rates, and achieve greater transparency and accountability, and more efficiently use public resources. DRM activities of FPEMP project during 2016 have included: • further improvement of the Case Selection Management System (CSMS II) audit system that is estimated to have resulted in $34.5 million in additional collections over the period 2014-2016; • continued assistance to the Tax Evasion Crackdown Program – using data mining from third-party sources to identify unreported capital gains and other unreported income – resulting, over 2014-2016, in increased taxpayer assessments of $149 million; • Improving collection of delinquent taxes through the Treasury Collections Call Center; • Development of software for the tax agency’s e-filing system – which has eliminated the need for manual data-entry by over 100 MOF employees, and improves data quality to use for data mining and data control.
USD 1288840.00
USD 811610.00
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June 10, 2011
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June 9, 2015
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