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The contribution concerns the procurement and development of a Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence System (DWBI) for Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA). DWBI is a data system for gathering information from several systems internal and external to KRA. DWBI will give a single view on each tax payer and thus a better basis for analysis of risks related to tax compliance so that risk groups and risk areas can be identified and KRA's tax audits and other intervention can focus on the most strategic areas. The project period is from July 2014 to December 2017. KRA will procure the DWBI using the Kenyan Public Procurement and Disposal Act with support from and overseeing of external procurement experts. The Swedish financial contributions will be channeled to the Public Financial Managmenet Reform (PFMR) secretariat at the National Treasury. The PFMR secretariat will be responsible for financial management including payments. Given the large procurement component and the large financial volumes the project is assessed as high risk. All available risk mitigating measures are hence proposed: 1) Yearly procurement audits as part of the financial audit; 2) External procurement experts; 3) Each disbursement conditional on approved procurement by the external experts; 4) Rolling audits of the PFMR secretariat. The project is directly linked to the institutional collaboration between the Swedish Tax Agency (STA) and Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA). DWBI is one of three components in the collaboration and STA will give advice, support and capacity development on DWBI and the development of the DWBI. The total budget for the project is 59 million SEK of which Sweden contributes 35 million SEK, Denmark 8 million SEK and the GoK 16 million SEK (210 million KES). The contributions are based on the same project document, budget and results framework. The financial contributions from Sweden and Denmark will be managed by the Public Financial Mangement Reform (PFMR) Secretariat under the National Treasury.
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USD 2444884.90
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January 7, 2014
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August 31, 2018
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