CIAT . Improving Tax Administrations in Latin America and Caribbean (LAC)

This program aims at supporting a regional tax administration organization, so as to mobilize additional revenues in LAC countries and reduce dependency to ODA, while creating sufficient fiscal space to allow a proper and sustainable financing of poverty reduction and development programs. Latin America is currently experiencing a slowdown in growth due to the downturn in external demand, tighter financing conditions and less supportive commodity markets. Growth in the Latin America and the Caribbean region remained broadly flat at 2.5 percent in 2013. Although the slowdown is only moderate for the moment, there are reasons to believe that it could be persistent if there is no policy action to raise the growth capacity of the regions economies. Against this deterring macroeconomic framework, governments need to strengthen institutions and regulations that can facilitate the sustainable creation of fiscal space.
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USD 628330.00
Project Start Date
octobre 1, 2014
Project End Date
décembre 31, 2017
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