Virtual Conference on Sustainable Finance for Asia’s Net Zero Transition

There is a large financing gap for carbon net-zero transition in Asia, prompting measures to mobilise greater private capital. To tap financing opportunities in the region, domestic and global financial institutions require a strong understanding of their transition-related risk and return profile, and how it fits their risk appetite. Stakeholder collaboration is also critical to promote data essential for informed capital allocation with useful corporate disclosure on transition, as well as innovative public-private finance schemes, and comparable cross-border carbon pricing.

This ADBI-SOAS University of London Centre for Sustainable Finance virtual conference will feature new research on sustainable finance and mobilising private capital to achieve climate goals on net zero carbon emissions, with a focus on Asia. Topics to be addressed include the identification of transition-related financial risks and risk mitigation measures, the evaluation of blended finance mechanisms, transition finance-related criteria and frameworks, obstacles to ESG investment, incentivising private sector investment in carbon emission reduction, and the implications of carbon-pricing for just transition and wider financial stability.

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