TJN webinar: a climate for tax justice

While enormous strides have been made in shifting public narratives around fair taxation and in establishing key policy measures on the global agenda, the international framework for tax remains fundamentally flawed. The sustained influence of elites and their professional enablers has left national governments unable to deliver progressive taxation to support broad-based human well-being, and to underpin the social contract. Countries are on course to lose US$4.7 trillion in tax to tax havens over the next 10 years, starving countries of the resources to respond to crises of climate, inequality, inflation, conflict and more.   

The escalation of the dual crisis of inequality and climate breakdown in particular demands a radical rethinking of what constitutes fair, transformative and effective eco-social policies.

At this event, we will discuss the power of fiscal policies for climate justice from different influencing vantage points. It will bring together experts and activists in the fields of inequality, climate and human rights to share their expertise and insights on why a progressive tax system is a necessary building block for a fair transition, and how to reduce inequality and protect vulnerable communities in the process.

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