ATI Matchmaking

What is it?

The ATI matchmaking mechanism aims to support and promote collaboration between the ATI members by pairing countries and organisations on a reciprocal offer/need support basis. In doing so, the mechanism effectively facilitates the matching of the ATI partner countries and the ATI supporting organisations with development partners.

This approach depends on the foundational notion that you cannot heal what you do not reveal. These downloadable templates have a dual purpose: to address domestic revenue mobilisation areas and obstacles that the ATI members have chosen to stress, and to further invite interested parties to be part of the solution.

How does it work?

The “Request for Assistance” and “Offer of Support” templates provide a simple and concise way for the ATI members to outline their specific requests for or offers of support. Requested and offered assistance can cover technical assistance, expert support, study visits, training and financial assistance.

If an ATI member has an existing request for or offer of support, it can fill out the respective form and send it through its ATI focal point to First, the templates will be shared with the ATI group via email. Then, the templates will be made available in a restricted online area.

For more information on the matchmaking mechanism or on completing the form, please feel free to contact