ATI Matchmaking

What is it?

ATI matchmaking is an online platform that aims to support DRM collaboration between the ATI members by enabling countries and organisations to search out and contact each other based on the availability of, or need for, support. 

How does it work?

ATI members log into an exclusive area of the ATI website to upload and view other members’ requests for and offers of support. ATI partner countries are able to post requests for DRM support, while viewing the offers of support that are posted by development partners, and vice versa. Supporting organisations are able to post and answer both requests and offers.

The “Request for Assistance” and “Offer of Support” templates provide a simple and concise guide for the ATI members to outline their specific requests. When an ATI member sees a request or offer that they wish to engage with, they can directly contact the persons listed in order to act on an advertised request/offer.

In this way, the platform facilitates increased contact between members and provides a space for matching the needs and availabities of DRM resources, expertise and finance. Requested and offered assistance can cover technical assistance, expert support, study visits, training and financial assistance.

If an ATI member has an existing request for or offer of support, they can fill out the respective form and send it through their ATI focal point to 

For more information on the matchmaking mechanism or on completing the form, please contact